Maleki-VS 930

Two-component industrial flooring sealant

Abrasion resistant sealant for industrial floors with high surface strength. Increases the chemical resistance of the substrate.

  • water vapor permeable

  • prevents from penetrating liquids and dirt

  • closes pores of the substrate

  • increases the strength of porous substrates

  • increases the chemical and acid resistance of the substrate

  • for indoor and outdoor use

  • sealing of absorbent and sandy substrates in production areas and warehouses

  • sealing and protection of previously created floor areas with products of the Maleki-DFS/IFS or BV lines

  • protection against household liquids

Consumption calculator

Ready-to-use: approx. 150 – 300 g/m²


Delivery form:

7 kg single canister with 5 kg component A (Polymer) and 2 kg component B (Hardener)

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