Acid protection

Protection against the high loads

In acid construction, coatings are always used when the exposure to chemicals, temperature or abrasion is too high for the structure.

That is why we have spent years developing a system that offers you the highest possible protection as known from nature. The use of pure silicates, which also make up glass or sand, enables you to protect your building permanently against the greatest stresses, such as concentrated acids or temperatures of up to 1350° C.

System description

Our system for the protection of structures against extreme loads consists of various products. Deep excavations should first be filled with the reprofiling mortar Maleki-DS 240 or the popuring mortar Maleki-VM 530. Larger unevenness in the floor area can be filled with the standard floor leveling compound Maleki BV 310 or the flowing screed Maleki-FEC 370 can be used for leveling.

The special industrial floor coating Maleki-IFS 500 is particularly suitable for leveling concrete and screed surfaces with increased acid resistance. The mechanical and chemical resistance of the finished surface can be further improved by using the silicate-bound impregnation Maleki-DW 100.

On wall and floor surfaces with high loads up to an acid concentration of 5%, we recommend coating with the silicate waterproofing slurry Maleki-SWP 270. For thicker layers and reprofiling work, you will need our silicate filler and grouting mortar Maleki-SBS 860.

For surfaces exposed to extreme high amounzts of acids or high temperatures up to 1350° C, we recommend the silicate acid protection mortar Maleki-TPC 200. The mortar is extremely resistant in the pH range 0 – 14 and serves as an optimum final coating.

System products

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