Industrial floor

Environmentally friendly and highly durable

Large selection - low emission - environmentally friendly

High demands are placed on commercial and industrial floor surfaces in terms of resilience, wear resistance and durability. In addition to pure functionality, however, environmental protection requirements are also increasing here. In areas accessible to customers, a floor coating must also meet visual requirements, especially if existing reactive resin-bound systems are to be replaced with a mineral floor.

Seamless floors, which are low-shrinkage and breathable, are particularly preferred.

Environmentally friendly product system

Our industrial flooring product system offers you a selection of flowable, self-leveling and low tension floor leveling compounds, all formulated on the basis of a very low-emission and environmentally friendly system.

Whether standard floor leveling compound or industrial coating, all products are based on harmless, VOC-free raw materials that do not require labeling, so that all products can even be used in the food processing industry without additional protective measures.

Basic surfaces for light to medium loads can be created with the standard leveling mortar Maleki-BV 310. For surfaces with high mechanical loads in warehouses and production halls, we recommend our standard industrial floor coating Maleki-IFS 400. For particularly high loads, the special industrial floor coating Maleki-IFS 500. In addition to mechanical load capacity, the surfaces created can also withstand higher temperatures and exposure to a wide range of chemicals.

System description

System products

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