Interior basement waterproofing

The optimum protection against moisture

Owning your own home is still one of the biggest investments these days. Then it is even more annoying if the basement gets leaky and the building structure is destroyed over years by rising moisture up to uninhabitable conditions.

In order to develop a waterproofing system that not only protects your building, but is also environmentally friendly, we have spent years researching and can now offer you a simple, cost-effective and sustainable system solution.

System description

The waterproofing system consists of a selection of products that offer you the best possible protection as a whole.

For waterproofing work in thicker layers from 4 mm and for larger break-outs in the wall, the reprofiling mortar Maleki-DS 240 can be used. Fine cracks in the floor can be filled and reworked with the flexible floor mortar Maleki-FS 440. Deep excavations in the floor should first be filled with the pouring mortar Maleki-VM 530.

For surface waterproofing in thinner layers, a coating is applied with the waterproofing slurry Maleki-DS 220. The product can also be used to create required coves. Subsequently, basic and functional floors can be created with the leveling compound Maleki-BV 310. Depending on requirements, other leveling compounds can be used to create a functional or decorative floor.

In the case of damp walls, we recommend the silicate based densifier Maleki-DW 100. The material is injected into the wall using a low-pressure process and ensures tight structures.

System products

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