Sewer rehabilitation

The sewage system is one of the most important infrastructure projects in our society. Permanent stress with aggressive media does not pass these building structures without a trace.

Therefore a permanent renovation and protection of current or new drains and shafts with durable solutions is necessary.

Maleki is one the leading system suppliers in the field of sewer renovation and building protection with mineral and silicate construction materials. Brick built shafts as well as concrete buildings can be protected effectively against strongest corrosive attack.



Before the beginning of all waterproofing or reprofiling work you have to ensure that all substrates are solid, capable of load-bearing and free from separative substances. Deeper ruptures and major outbreaks have to be filled with the repair mortar Maleki-RM 500.

For the restoration of the original state you can choose between our Eco-Binder and our silicate systems. The Eco-Binder products represent a cost-effective solution for areas under light stress. Whereas the Maleki silicate-mortars find their application in high stressed areas.


  • The Eco-Binder products are based on a modern cement-composite-system which reduces the cement content drastically. As waterproofing and corrosion protection the waterproofing slurry Maleki-DS 220 shows optimal characteristics. If previous reprofiling work in a higher layer thickness is needed, we recommend the canal mortars Maleki-KM 800 or Maleki-KM 801 Fix for quick and easy work. 

    For the preparation of an effective bonding bridge on problematic substrates both canal mortars can be mixed with the bonding primer Maleki-TG 110.

  • The Maleki silicate mortars are characterised by a high resistance against chemicals and corrosive media. This makes them ideal for the use in areas with high acid load which is caused by biogenic sulfuric acid in the sewage system. As waterproofing and corrosion protection against biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion (BSK) the silicate waterproofing slurry Maleki-SWP 270 represents the ideal product. For higher layer thicknesses and reprofiling work use our silicate reprofiling, putty and grout mortar Maleki-SBS 860 which also serves as waterproofing and corrosion protection.

    In case of machine processing with centrifugal methods please use Maleki-SSM 860.

    For the installation of new shaft rings we recommend the mortars Maleki-KM 800 and Maleki-KM 801 Fix.