Mineral building materials offer the advantage of breathability so that air can escape through the grid-like structure of these materials. The resulting porosity of concrete, bricks and similar materials lead to an increased absorption of water and moisture. This water is one of the main causes for damages, mould infestation, efflorescences or unsightly moss and algae growth. These damages can be prevented by proper impregnation or sealing of your surfaces.

As a pioneer in the area of ecological and long-lasting impregnations and sealings we present simple solutions for any application purpose without decreasing the breathing activity or changing the optics of your building.


In the field of impregnation and sealing of natural stones and cementitious substrates we offer you several product systems.

For impregnation und solidification of cementitious substrates we recommend the use of Maleki-LL 100. Due to the silicate characteristics the product solidifies conrete, cement-based screed and plaster and creates a water-repellent and chemical resistant surface.

For sealing we recommend the use of Maleki-VS 930 which is a water-based polymer product with high resistance against chemicals and disturbing liquids. The sealer provides a permanent protection and as well as a pleasant gloss to you surface.

The information given in the technical data sheet has to be followed.