The GREEN design-system for floor and wall

Design carved in Stone

A perfect appearance, whether private or commercial, always requires an outstanding and coordinated coloring to set a room. Lithokor wall and floor coatings give your room a unique impression with complete new possibilities without narrowing individual design preferences. Lithokor surface design, formulated on non-cementitious base and environmentally friendly raw materials, can be processed like liquid stone and shape your design for centuries into stone, like in the lithography. Even with strong abrasion by chair casters or high frequency Lithokor provides the most durable solution, due to the higher ultimate strength compared to competitor products. This ensures that your design remains aesthetically high-class over decades without wear.

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Uniqueness with something extra

For all individuals who are looking for and appreciate something special, without losing sight of the environment, Lithokor is the right choice. Lithokor provides many benefits that make processing easier and more efficient compared to other systems. This is achieved by the cement-free formulation and the use of alternative raw materials (upcycling), by which we have succeeded to create a product completely harmless to human health and the environment.

Tested thoroughly and proven

The formulation of Lithokor wall (Maleki-SM 735) and floor systems (Maleki-IFS 410 & Maleki-IFS 430) have been developed over decades and checked at accredited institutions. The results show that the cement-free formulation has outstanding features, by which even the most difficult room shapes can be realized joint free. In addition, the mortars are labelled with the “EMICODE-EC1 Plus” for environmental protection because the Lithokor products are characterized by a very low emission behavior.

Unique variety of possibilities for your design

The surface finishing with Lithokor wall (Maleki-SM 735) and floor coatings (Maleki-IFS 410 & Maleki-IFS 430) opens everyone a multitude of design possibilities for interior and exterior designs. Whether optical structures or a color spectrum with all the nuances from spring to winter set your interior design to no limits. The artistic design remains simple, since all surfaces can be designed without joints. This offers you completely new possibilities in the implementation of planning approaches and artistic creations without
the use of harmful products, since all Lithokor products are free of hazardous substances.

Design with liquid stones

By the white basis color of the flooring mortar (Maleki-IFS 410 & Maleki-IFS 430), creative freedom knows no bounds and almost any color can be created. In addition, several colors can be mixed, creating unique and artistic surfaces which open up new possibilities in interior design. Both self-leveling flooring mortars are highly flowable and harden without stress and cracks. This allows difficult room shapes without visible joints.

Character in stone

In contrast to the floor, which opens up a room, the wall gives the room character. With Lithokor wall coating classic (Maleki-SM 735), walls become new design areas with unlimited possibilities. The white decorative smoothing compound, on cement-free basis, can be colored in every imaginable color like Lithokor floor and can be applied in a variety of structures. By playing with colors, nuances, textures and light a unique room ambience can be created that gives the viewer a feeling of a special atmosphere. Chilly, warm, simply elegant or extravagant room concepts can be easily realized without any problems and your imagination knows no boundaries.