House Waterproofing


Nowadays your home still belongs to one of the biggest investments. Then it is even more annoying when the basement gets leaky and the building structure is destroyed by rising moisture up to uninhabitable conditions.

We have been researching for years to develop a waterproofing system, which not only protects your building but which is also environmentally friendly at the same time and with which we can provide you a simple, cost-effective and sustainable system solution.

In this system both the wall and the base plate as well as the junction between wall and base plate get sealed even under difficult weather conditions.


The waterproofing system consists of a selection of products which will provide the best protection.

Fine cracks in the floor can be filled and reworked with the flexible levelling compound Maleki-IFS 440. Deeper ruptures and major outbreaks have to be filled with a repair or pouring mortar (e.g. Maleki-RM 500, Maleki-VM 530). Larger unevenness can be levelled out with the standard leveling mortar Maleki-BV 310 or the fine flow screed Maleki-FEC 370. The wall-sole transition is then coated with Maleki-DS 220. The material is applied in a slurry consistency. The cove is then applied fresh in fresh. For this purpose, the mortar is mixed 1:1 with quartz sand. Finally, the surface is coated with an additiona layer of Maleki-DS 220. For choosing a suitable floor system you will find matching products here (Floor system).

In case of damp walls we recommend the silicate sealant Maleki-DW 100. This product is injected directly into the wall by a low-pressure process to create dense structures.

This system description shows a possible layer structure. The necessity of all single steps or products is dependent on the local conditions. All these steps have to be confirmed in case of doubt. For every application the relevant information in the technical data sheets has to be followed.