Floor surfaces in home and industrial use are subject to high requirements with regard to aesthetics, durability and eco-friendliness. This applies not only in new buidings but also in the case of renovations or modernisations of existing buildings. In this field seamless floors which are breathable and purely mineral are preferred.

Our flooring system offers you the right solution of flowable, self-leveling and tension-relieved flooring products which are developed on low-emission and environmentally friendly basis.

Regardless whether it is a standard flooring product or an industrial floor coating, all products are based on harmless, VOC-free and not hazard lableled raw materials. This allows the use of our products in the food processing industry without any further protective measures.


As anywhere else your project only succeeds with a proper preperation. Therefore an application-oriented substrate preparation is performed to coat a load-bearing substrate like concrete or screed.

Therefore old coatings, paintings, grease and all substances which could disturb the adhesion on the substrate have to be removed completely to create a suitable surface for the subsequent coating. Deeper ruptures and major outbreaks have to be filled with a repair or pouring mortar (e.g. Maleki-RM 500, Maleki-VM 530). The cleaned substrate has to be primed first before starting with the flooring products. For this step use Maleki-TG 110 as deep penetrating primer.

The primer ensures a better adhesion to the substrate and avoids rising of air bubbles during the subsequent coating. After drying the Maleki-IFS flooring products can be applied.

To protect your freshly made surfaces from dirt and other harmful influences we offer you the possibility to impregnate and seal your surface. For impregnation use our liquid silicate products Maleki-DW 100 or Maleki-LL 100. As a result the surface is protected against aggressive chemical influences and shows excellent water-repellent properties at the same time.

For sealing we recommend the use of Maleki-VS 930 which is a water-based polymer product with high resistance against chemicals and disturbing liquids. The sealer provides a permanent protection as well as a pleasant gloss to you surface.

This system description shows a possible layer structure. The necessity of all single steps or products is dependent on the local conditions. All these steps have to be confirmed in case of doubt. For every application the relevant information in the technical data sheets has to be followed.