Slatted floors, mobile silos or concrete containers are exposed to mechanical and chemical stress. Resistant and durable materials are required to keep renovation cycles as long as possible. Conventional cementitious products present always a point of attack for organic acids and other corrosive materials. Therefore you need intelligent solutions to protect your new and old facilities

Our Maleki-silicate products offer ideal protection against corrosion. In this case it doesn’t matter whether you want to renovate an old damaged surface or to protect your new installations from the outset.


For the treatment of slatted floors, concrete slabs and containers use our liquid silicate products Maleki-DW 100 and Maleki-LL 100. Maleki-DW 100 converts excessive components of the concrete (portlandite) to durable and dense silicate structures. Afterwards Maleki-LL 100 ensures that the surface becomes water-repellent. Both products can be applied extensively by flooding or spraying.  As a result the surface is protected against aggressive chemical influences.

For a chemical-resistant coating and waterproofing of old and new concrete surfaces we recommend our silicate waterproofing Maleki-SWP 270. As a flexible waterproofing use Maleki-DS 250 Flex as a 2K-sealing slurry.

The information given in the technical data sheet has to be followed.