Tiled floorWhether for household, on commercial areas or in the industry, there are versatile applications for ceramic floor and wall coverings. Tiles are used in   kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms or in general use in living areas.

Maleki offers you suitable, intelligent and cost-effective solutions for any application field. This includes environmentally friendly and high performance adhesive and jointing mortars as well as sealants for almost any application purpose.



Before starting with the installation you have to ensure that all substrates are sound, capable of load-bearing and free from separating substances. Deeper ruptures and major outbreaks have to be filled with the repair mortar Maleki-RM 500 or with the leveling mortar Maleki-BV 310.

In wet rooms or in case of damp floors a previous waterproofing is absolutely essential. Use for this our waterproofings Maleki-DS 220 and Maleki-DS 250 Flex.

For the subsequent covering with natural stones and tiles you can use cementitious tile adhesives of our FK-product line. Maleki FK 601 is a tile adhesive of the class C2 TE and provides a high-quality and tension-equalizing floor covering.

The subsequent jointing work can be done with the grout mortar Maleki-FF 20 Ultra.

For an acid-resistant jointing of your coverings we recommend products of our silicate acid protection system.

The information given in the technical data sheet has to be followed.